McCain's sound strikes that elusive balance between resonance and clarity. It is full and even with a clear center in all registers.”

— Frank Gazda - International Trombone Association Journal

Martin’s huge warm sound always has clarity and he maintains a beautiful tone and control at both extremes of the register.”

— Alwyn Green, Glissando Magazine (UK)

Certainly Shades and Trombone Czar: The Extended Version leave little doubt that he possesses commanding technical facility as a bass trombonist.”

Textura Magazine (Canada)

This CD brings us 12 tracks of refreshingly varied music…showing the performers flexibility and musicianship off to the full.”

— John Maines, Glissando Magazine (UK)

McCain's solid bass trombone playing was one of the highlights of the performance.”

— George Broussard, International Trombone Association Journal

Martin commands a powerful and passionate sound, demonstrating mastery of compositions while bringing to life the music for the listener. ”

— Peter Pickett, Pickett Blackburn

Very good playing musically and technically on the highest level. ”

— Ben van Dijk, Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, Pedagogue and International Soloist

There's certainly nothing tentative about his playing: he executes the material on both discs with conviction, and his attack is agile and his sound robust. ”

Textura Magazine (Canada)

I have always admired his rich, pure tone with which he beautifully spins every line.”

— Brian Hecht, Dallas Symphony Orchestra and International Soloist

His technique is superb and the tone simply delightful to hear.”

— Alwyn Green, Glissando Magazine (UK)